Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Decorations For Front Porch and Yard

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Are you excited to welcome the trick-or-treaters this Holiday? Get your creative juices flowing with these cheap & easy DIY Halloween decorations for the front porch and yard.

Halloween is my favorite holiday because I can try new ideas for outdoor and indoor decorations. If you scroll down the Pinterest you know what I mean.

But not all those ideas are cheap and easy to make, that’s why I have rounded up these scary and spooky ideas for your Halloween party decorations.

Outdoor Halloween decorations are not just limited to jack-o’-lantern and witch legs. Here you’ll find ideas to make scary lawn ghost and Halloween props for the front yard, simple Dollar store items to decorate lanterns, pumpkin topiary, and cool Halloween signs

Easy DIY Halloween projects for door decoration, skull pillars, giant spider webs, and garage door silhouettes. Bubbling witch cauldron and groundbreaker skeletons in the graveyard come to welcome your guests.

Sounds crazy!

Let’s dive in to get inspired

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Lawn Ghosts

You don’t need a graveyard to make your lawn look spooky. Try this simple skeleton decoration with yellow flowers in the background. Imagine how beautiful and classy it looks in your lawn.

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 1
Image Credit: ‎Drew Baurle‎ (Facebook)

Garage Door Silhouette

This is my favorite DIY Halloween decoration for the garage door, for this decoration you need a dancing witches plywood cutout shape (you can place a custom order here). Paint it black and attach a string of red LED lights at the back using tape or nails.

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 2
Image Credit: ‎Grace Myles‎ (Facebook)

Giant Spider Web & Skeletons

Front porch Halloween decoration made from a giant spider web, skeletons, and a huge inflatable spider.

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 3
Image Credit: ‎Jane Dickson‎ (Facebook)

Skull Pillars

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 4
Image Credit: ‎Dee DePaolis‎‎ (Facebook)

Scary Zombie Pit

To make this simple DIY, head over to Home Depot and get a wood pallet. Use red paint to make those hand patterns on the pallet. Place the zombie face and hands between the gaps as they were trying to escape. Also add accessories like chains, hammers, and zombie knives.

To make it more realistic you can put a speaker playing zombie growls underneath it and add some red LED lights inside.

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 5
Image Credit: Jenny Dalgleish‎‎ (Facebook)

Fake dead body for Halloween

simply hung a fake dead body on a door for indoor Halloween party decoration. They are simple and inexpensive to make at home. Check out the tutorials.

fake dead body hanging
Image Credit: Fancy Rutherford (Facebook)

Guests at Skeleton Wedding

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 6
Image Credit: Aaron Shippen‎‎‎ (Facebook)

Spooky Skeleton Hand Lantern

This prop is perfect for the lawn. You need some skeleton bones, a hanging chain, and a Halloween lantern.

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 7
Image Credit: Zack Klimper‎‎ (Facebook)

Skeleton in Coffin

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 8
Image Credit: Jennifer Colby (Facebook)

Creepy Zombie Skeletons

These zombie skeletons decorations especially their eyes really look so scary. Check out these creepy lawn ghost props.

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 9
Image Credit: Peter Thomas‎ (Facebook)

Skeleton Campfire

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 10
Image Credit: Ruth Barili Richmond‎‎ (Facebook)

Halloween Welcome Sign

A coffin-shaped wooden Halloween sign can be a great front door and porch decoration idea. Check out this similar Halloween sign on Etsy.

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 11
Image Credit: Lindsey Stemann‎‎ (Facebook)

Ghost Calling From The Window

This prop is easy to make using some leftover wood panels on the window. Place this creepy ghost to make it scary.

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 12
Image Credit: Dan Nicholson (Facebook)

Glowing Cauldron Over Skulls

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 13
Image Credit: ‎Michael Hehir‎‎‎ (Facebook)

Mermaid & Pirate With Treasure

Pirate Halloween decorations can be created using the following accessories. You can also use creative ideas for the mermaid’s hair and jewelry.

cheap easy diy halloween decorations 14
Image Credit: ‎Pam Kunz Vranes‎‎‎‎ (Facebook)

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cheap easy diy halloween decorations

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  1. Great ideas!????
    However, I am looking for the flying witch in purple cape. I clicked on here and can’t find her. Did I miss it?
    Thank you!

    1. Hey! I’m glad you find this prop interesting.
      Actually, this is a 12 ft talking animated witch from Home Depot. Unfortunately, it is always out of stock and very difficult to find now.
      That’s why I’ve removed it from my post since there is no link to suggest this prop. You can watch this youtube to learn more about this witch –

      Try to find it next season in your nearest Home Depot. Best of luck!

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