Beetlejuice Sandworm Lawn Decorations

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Have you ever imagined what life would be after death? Lol, just kidding.

Well, that’s the dark humor from the 1988 classic movie Beetlejuice.

If you’re a huge fan of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice, then you must remember the creepy double-headed sandworm. Beetlejuice sandworm can be a cool inspiration for Halloween lawn decoration.

I’m sure you all agree. It’s been more than three decades and still, this movie never fails to make us laugh.

To give you some background, where did the sandworm come from in the story?

In the movie, it is shown that since Adam and Barbara are dead, being ghosts they were stuck in their house. They can’t leave it.

Whenever they try to step out of the house, they end up in a limbo called Saturn where they encounter a huge double-headed snake-like creature that’s the sandworm.

What makes the Beetlejuice sandworm most unique creature is that their double head jaws with sharp teeth really look scary. Plus the long serpentine body with black stripes makes it a perfect candidate for lawn decoration.

Today I’ll share a bunch of interesting Beetlejuice sandworm lawn decoration ideas that will make your front yard stand out in the neighborhood.

It’s showtime! let’s begin

beetlejuice sandworm lawn decoration
Image: Julia Gurklies (Facebook)

The double-headed sandworm looks so creepy but it fits perfectly well with the Beetlejuice theme if you’re planning yard decoration based on this theme.

how to make sandworm from beetlejuice
Image: Ellie Sommer‎‎‎‎‎ (Facebook)

How to make sandworm from Beetlejuice?

Though the Beetlejuice sandworm looks pretty cool in the yard, to be very honest, this project is complicated to execute. There are three ways to make sandworm from Beetlejuice:

  • Make a plywood hand-painted sign: First, draw an outline then cut and sand the plywood. And hand paint the creature on the plywood.
  • Buying an inflatable sandworm from Home Depot.
  • DIY sandworm using the ducting hose (I’ll show you how)

Beetlejuice sandworm DIY using the ducting hose

Things you need: (Disclosure – these are affiliate links. Which means, I earn commission by suggesting these products)

Since the ducting hose is flexible, you can easily create a ground-breaker sandworm out of it. It can be made in three parts. The head, middle body, and tail.

beetlejuice sandworm diy
Image: Blair Quintana (Facebook)

For the middle part of the sandworm, take a small section of ducting hose forming a U shape, both ends facing downward. Similarly, the tail can be made from a small piece of hose cut at the end to make it narrow.

To make black and white stripes on sandworm, mark a few inches on the hose with equal distance. And wrap the part with white duct tape.

How to make Beetlejuice sandworm’s head

Making the sandworm’s head is the trickiest part of the project because of the double jaw. Still, I’ll try to explain how it is done.

Materials you need:

We need to make two jaws of the sandworm. First, we start off with the inner jaw.

Take a thick white color EVA foam sheet. Cut the EVA foam in a U shape to form the inner jaw. Similarly cut another EVA sheet for the lower part. Join both parts with hot glue.

Modeling clay or Foam clay can be used to make the teeth of sandworm. Shape the foam clay like the pointed teeth and stick them to the inner jaw.

Close all the gaps with the foam clay and paint it with white spray paint. Paint freckles over the nose.

Beetlejuice sandworm DIY using ducting hose
Image: Rachel Arieux (Facebook)

Next, for the outer mouth, cut the EVA sheet a little larger than the previous one. Join both the pieces to form the outer jaw. Close all the gaps with the foam clay before spray painting.

Make the outer teeth with foam clay and paint them with black stripes. Then attach the teeth.

Paint the gums with pink or red acrylic paint. Make round-shaped eyes with foam clay. Paint mouth outline with blue color.

giant beetlejuice sandworm
Image: Carlye Lawson (Facebook)

In the above image, pool noodles are wired around the lips of the sandworm. That further highlights the details of jaws and teeth.

Once everything is dried properly, attach the sandworm’s head to the ducting hose.

There is no exact video for this but I got a video for a DIY sandworm mask that is near similar. Check out!

Beetlejuice sandworm hand-painted on plywood. If you’re good at wood cutting and painting, this can be an inspiring project to show your creativity.

beetlejuice sandworm sign
Image: Sara Collins (Facebook)
beetlejuice sandworm decoration
Image: Sara Hoffmann (Facebook)

The easiest way to decorate your lawn is to get a giant Beetlejuice sandworm inflatable from Amazon or Home Depot. It looks awesome and at night I even look wonderful with lights.

beetlejuice sandworm inflatable
Image: paperfixie (instagram)
Beetlejuice sandworm inflatable
Image: Hailey Setney (Facebook)

This decoration is inspired by the funny dinner scene in the movie, where the creepy monster hand came out from the guest’s soup bowls.

This scene also has Barbara and Adam Maitland, you can learn more about how to create a Beetlejuice theme yard with all the characters.

beetlejuice sandworm outdoor
Image: Jennifer Lewandowski (Facebook)

The inflatable version of the sandworm looks more real creature at night with the lights. It’s the center of attraction for the yard.

beetlejuice inflatable sandworm lawn
Image: Summer Wills (Facebook)

This stunning Beetlejuice sandworm groundbreaker is from Spirit Halloween. Its finishing and sheer size make it everyone’s favorite prop for the lawn.

beetlejuice sandworm groundbreaker
Image: Shellee Sinclair (Facebook)

DIY Beetlejuice sandworm made from HVAC hose.

beetlejuice sandworm prop
Image: Carlye Lawson (Facebook)
beetlejuice sandworm halloween decorations
Image: Janelie RD (Facebook)

Beetlejuice sitting on the tombstone and the sandworm is right behind. The lighting makes the cemetery scene perfect for the lawn.

beetlejuice sandworm decor
Image: Justin Roberts (Facebook)

This is a perfect example of a Beetlejuice sandworm lawn decoration, it complements the plants and the lawn decoratives. Even if it’s not a Halloween season, still it looks great.

beetlejuice sandworm-yard decoration
Image: Tara Reid (Facebook)

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