DIY Plastic Pumpkin Bucket Planters

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Halloween is the spookiest time of the year, it is also a great time to try some easy crafts to decorate your front yard or porch.

Yes, I’m talking about the iconic jack-o’-lanterns, no it’s not carving pumpkins. I’m going to share a plastic pumpkin bucket craft. They are also called tipsy pumpkin planters.

This simple and easy DIY Halloween craft is made from inexpensive plastic pumpkin candy baskets that you can easily get for $1 from Walmart or Dollar store.

These candy bucket pumpkins are stacked over one another and slightly bent on one side in a zig-zag shape. You can place these pumpkins on the porch or front yard.

I like to say a special thanks to Kim Toogood (Instagram) for allowing me to use her picture for this tutorial. Please do check out her Insta for more creative crafts.

Let’s start making it

Things you need:

diy plastic pumpkin bucket planters 4


1. First get rid of the handles on the plastic pumpkins, and cut them using a scissor.

2. Using a driller or a screwdriver make a hole on the bottom of the pumpkin so that the steel bar can go through the pumpkin.

diy plastic pumpkin bucket planters 1

3. If you’re planning to place the pumpkins in the front yard, take the steel bar and anchor it into the ground. If you want to put them in your porch area, take a large planter pot and insert the bar in the middle.

diy plastic pumpkin bucket planters 3

4. Now, take a pumpkin and run it down the rod through the holes and stake the second pumpkin over first, this time tilt it to the opposite side of the first one. Like this make a zigzag form to stake all pumpkins.

5. For more stability, you can tie one side of the pumpkin with the steel bar using the hole of the handle.

diy plastic pumpkin bucket planters 2

6. Fill the pumpkins with soil and add some artificial flowers to it. You can also try mums of different colors.

Second option

You can add some orange fairy lights to each pumpkin in place of mums and see them glow at night.

If you enjoyed this fun tutorial or want to save it for your inspiration, please pin it on the DIY Decoration board on your Pinterest.

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  1. Cannot wait to do the tilted pumpkins with lights or fake plants????

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