32+ Must-Try DIY Backyard Games for Kids Party

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Summer is the most exciting time for kids.

And, I’m sure, you don’t want to hear it again: “Mommy, I’m bored.”

That’s why you should get your arsenal ready, You need a list of outside activities that will keep your kids engaged and filled their days with endless adventures.

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In this post, we will explore some thrilling DIY backyard games for kids that will keep them entertained in any party or outdoor event.

This list includes DIY games using pool noodles, balloons, loads of water splashes, ring toss games taken to a whole new level, and many more exciting ideas.

The best part? You’ll discover fresh, creative games along with fun twists on traditional backyard favorites to make them even more enjoyable.

Whether it’s a family gathering, picnic or birthday party, these budget-friendly outdoor activities are sure to entertain everyone, from toddlers to adults.

So, let’s jump right in and start the fun!

DIY Backyard Games

Checkout these amazing backyard games that are easy to build in your backyard.

DIY Wall Ball Maze Game

This is a cool DIY backyard game features a large plywood sheet with strategically drilled holes and a ball holder controlled by strings.

The objective is pretty simple: lift the ball, placed in the ball holder, to the top hole while avoiding other holes maneuvering the ball with two strings. If the ball falls, you lose the game.

This challenge requires both skill and coordination. Check out the tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

diy backyard games kids 1
Photo Credit: Bruno (Etsy)

Pipe Ball

Pipe ball is a great way to entertain kids. In this game, a player has to throw tennis balls into 10 pipes. The player will score points based on the points mentioned on each pipe.

diy backyard games kids 2
Photo Credit: sheastickler (Etsy)

Pool Noodle Hockey

diy backyard games kids 3
Photo Credit: renewchurch98087 (Instagram)

Dart Ball

diy backyard games kids 5
Photo Credit: dxmoney (Instagram)

Tree Stump Tic Tac Toe

When a tree dies and leaves behind an unsightly stump, don’t remove it! Instead, get creative and transform that tree stump into a fun and unique tic-tac-toe game in the backyard.

diy backyard games kids 4
Photo Credit: Elna Krause (Pinterest)


Playing croquet on a lush green lawn is a fantastic idea! Swing your mallet, send the ball through hoops and pegs, and soak up the summer fun.

Giant Dominoes

Hosting a backyard party? Add giant dominoes to the mix for a super-sized dose of fun with family and friends!

Hook and Ring Game

diy backyard games kids 7
Photo Credit: Eric Patterson (Etsy)

Giant Scrabble

diy backyard games kids 6
Photo Credit: Mike Fallarme (Pexels)

Fun Party Games For Kids

Giant Connect Four

diy backyard games kids 8
Photo Credit: cewharra (Etsy)


diy backyard games kids 9
Photo Credit: Jennifer romantic (Etsy)

Head-to-Head Hook and Ring Game

diy backyard games kids 10
Photo Credit: Taylor Braud (Etsy)

Ladder Ball

Giant Jenga Blocks

diy backyard games kids 11
Photo Credit: kenmolinarealtor (Instagram)

Giant Yarzee Game

Making Giant Bubbles

diy backyard games kids 12
Photo Credit: _melinda_berta (Instagram)

Giant Tic Tac Toe

diy backyard games kids 13
Photo Credit: Vicki Cherwalk (Etsy)

Toss Games

Ring Toss Game

diy backyard games kids 14
Photo Credit: Joel Richer (Etsy)

Flamingo Toss

diy backyard games kids 15
Photo Credit: dlelboth (Instagram)

Giant Basketball Four In a Row

diy backyard games kids 16
Photo Credit: Jennifer Brennan (Etsy)

Bean Bag Toss Game

Pool Noodle Target Game

diy backyard games kids 17
Photo Credit: Courtney Whelan (Pinterest)

Summer Outdoor Water Games

Water Balloon Piñata

diy backyard games kids 18
Photo Credit: katie_jackson615 (Instagram)

Water Balloon Sling

Water Balloon Toss

diy backyard games kids 20
Photo Credit: sarah.casano (Instagram)

Sponge Bombs

diy backyard games kids 21
Photo Credit: katee.spiration (Instagram)

DIY Water Blob

diy backyard games kids 22
Photo Credit: crazyurbanfarmer (Instagram)

Creative Backyard Games

Ker Plunk

diy backyard games kids 23
Photo Credit: glbrichards (Instagram)

Air Hockey

diy backyard games kids 24
Photo Credit: Haley Mioara (Etsy)


diy backyard games kids 25
Photo Credit: kelli_roo (Instagram)



DIY Water Wall

diy backyard games kids 26
Photo Credit: nicolaspeakssometimes (Instagram)

crokinole boards

diy backyard games kids 27
Photo Credit: Haley Carmickle (Etsy)

What Next?

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