Cheap & Easy DIY Indoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Halloween is just around the corner, have you figured out some spooky ideas for indoor Halloween decorations?

I’m sure you must be organizing a Halloween party. And to impress your guests you need some cheap & easy DIY indoor Halloween decoration ideas.

When we think about spooky Halloween home decor ideas, the most usual things that come to mind are the lawn ghosts, witch legs, and jack-o’-lantern, that’s the outdoor decorations.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, if you see there is endless possibilities to show your creativity with Halloween house decor. You can start your haunted farmhouse decor from the mantle with black lace, skull, and candles.

Decorate your table centerpiece with a glowing Halloween tree, spooky wine bottles, and lantern. To give you more inspiring ideas I’ve rounded up this cool collection of scary Halloween decorations ideas for inside.

Here you’ll find DIY Halloween projects using Dollar store items like mason jar centerpiece, spooky pumpkin lighting decorations, skull vase, wall hanging, and Halloween signs.

Let’s begin with these cool ideas…

Halloween Mantle Decor

There are many ways you can decor the mantle, start with some spooky banner, fake pumpkins, spider web lace, 3D bat decals. check out the entire mantle collections. Find these accessories:

Image Credit: Katie Vanderpool (Etsy)

Ouija Board

It is super easy to create an Ouija board decoration, add a Chrystal ball, skull to make it more realistic. It can be a great centerpiece or decorate your mantle with it.

Image Credit: Becca Claudette Wartooth (Facebook)

Metallic Skull Decor

Make your shelf and table look gorgeous with this amazing skeleton wedding couple and metallic skull for Halloween decoration.

Image Credit: Ryane Perez (Facebook)

Halloween Wine Bottle Decor

These Halloween wine bottle lights are perfect to decorate your tabletop, mantel, or as a centerpiece item.

Also check out these gorgeous wine bottle lights in sugar skull and floral design.

Hocus Pocus Table Decor

Image Credit: Susan Guarisco Howell (Facebook)

Man Eater Plant

Don’t feed this cute man eater plant! This is a perfect decorative item for your bookshelf, table, or mantle for Halloween. Check out.

Witches Legs in Cauldron

Image Credit: JC (Pinterest)

Spooky Lantern

Image Credit: Wendy Ballard Ashurst‎ (Facebook)

Lampshade Decoration

A very simple lampshade decoration using spider web wall stickers over a white lampshade also add some hanging ghost ornaments to make it beautiful.

Image Credit: Sue Williams‎‎‎‎ (Facebook)

Halloween Garage Door Silhouette

Try this interesting DIY Halloween decoration for the garage door, for this decoration you need a witch with cauldron plywood cutout shapes (you can place a custom order here). Paint it black and attach a string of red LED lights at the back using tape or nails.

Image Credit: Grace Myles‎‎‎‎ (Facebook)

Cat & Witch Halloween Tree

Image Credit: Jenny Lyn Kramer‎‎‎‎ (Facebook)

Halloween Tree Decoration

Image Credit: Pete X Pxb‎‎‎‎ (Facebook)

Cute Balloon Spider

Image Credit: Ana Estrada (Pinterest)

DIY PVC Pipe Candles

Image Credit: Tammy Harrell‎‎‎‎‎ (Facebook)

If you enjoyed these ideas or want to save it for your inspirations, please pin it on the Halloween Decoration board on your Pinterest.

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