26 Trendy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boyfriend – Cute DIY Romantic Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

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Finding a perfect Valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend is notoriously difficult, probably because they are very particular about their choices. So we need to think out of the box and come up with some creative ideas.

It doesn’t matter if he is a teenager, first crush, or your husband. The best way to express your romantic feelings is to make some personalized DIY Valentine’s day gifts for him.

Here are some of the simple and unique valentine’s day ideas for men, cute handmade Valentine’s day cards with heart touching sweet and funny message for long-distance boyfriend.

Cheap and easy last-minute boyfriend gift baskets, mason jar, and homemade candy box for your best friend.

Get inspired by these cute thoughtful crafts for surprise DIY gifts for boyfriend!

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1. New Sneakers With a Heart-touching Message

Try something stylish and practical gift for your boyfriend, like a pair of sneakers with heart touching message to express your feelings in it.

Source: Pinterest

2. 52 Things I Love About You

An amazing DIY gift made from the deck of cards. Write short meaningful messages on each card. You don’t need to write exact 52 messages, it can be 15 or 25. If you like to buy this creative gift with custom romantic messages of your choice check out here.

3. Creative Map Collage of Places You Met

Try this creative map collage, cut the map locations in heart shape and write about the special moment of the life you both share with each other.

Source: Pinterest

4. Mason Candy Jar Ideas With Funny Romantic Messages

A perfect DIY for couples who live far apart. A very simple way to express your love with those cute messages.

Source: Pinterest

5. 3D Valentine’s Day Card

A super easy 3D Valentine’s day card you can make in no time. Make it more thoughtful by adding personalized messages to each heart. Here is tutorial

Source: Pinterest

6. 365 Reasons Why I Love You

A very sentimental and romantic gift, using colorful origami papers, writing reasons why you love him which are related to your memories, habits, and funny moments you spent together.

Source: Imgur

7. Open When Letters

Source: Pinterest

8. Valentine Heart Buddies Craft


Source: Pinterest

9. Snickers Dumbells

A funny gift for a gym freak boyfriend. Buy from here. A similar candy dumbbell tutorial to learn.

Source: Pinterest

Personalized 3D Photo Lamp

Though it is not a DIY gift, I’m sure you’ll love this unique gift idea! This 3D lamp is made from a custom photo. Send one of your best pictures together, the seller (Etsy) will craft beautiful 3D design on the lamp with a romantic message at the wooden base of the lamp. Order here (Etsy)

Photo Credit: Kendra (Etsy)

10. Personalized Love Gift Box With Pictures

Source: Pinterest

Try this very cute DIY gift box for your boyfriend, you need to put together the accessories shown below and put pictures of your favorite moments together. Using mini clothespins and LED lights over the cover of the box.

Here are the accessories used in the gift box you can easily get from

Alternatively, you can also make a similar DIY gift box from cardboard or a shoebox, here is a tutorial video:

11. Valentine’s Day Heart Card

Source: Pinterest

12. DIY Rainbow Heart Waterfall Card

Try this awesome DIY gift for your boyfriend made from colored papers. Horizontal paper hearts pasted on a strip, pull the paper strip down at the arrow to see the waterfall effect when all the hearts flip up and you can see the messages on each heart. You can write funny romantic messages on each heart!
Tutorial here

Source: Pinterest

13. Box of Sunshine

Surprise your boyfriend or husband with a box of sunshine, a unique gift box where everything is packed in yellow. All his favorite snacks, treats, drinks, and self-care items to brighten his life.

Source: Pinterest

14. Handmade Valentine’s Day Card

Nothing more convincing than a handmade Valentine’s day card to tell your feeling with the fun messages. Use some colors and glitters in a creative way to make it more interesting to read.

Source: Pinterest

15. 5 Senses Gift Ideas For Him

This Valentine gift your boyfriend 5 senses gifts, that appeal to each of your partner’s senses: taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing, with different gifts and surprises.

Source: Pinterest

16. Cute Little Date Jar For Boyfriend

All you need is a mason jar and some popsicle sticks. (You can get rainbow-colored ones here.) Then color code the different date night ideas, like dates at home, adventurous dates, dates under $50. This will also keep you within budget!

Source: Pinterest

17. Candy Jars For BF

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, then this is the best gift for him. Just imagine the reaction on his face, when he opens this package. If you’re not interested in making and want to buy a similar item, check out this cute love jar.

Source: Pinterest

18. DIY Clothespins With a Message

Another fun way to share your feelings with your lover. Find more in this tutorial!

19. Personalized Mason Jar Gift

A super cute and thoughtful gift which he will remember for long, a jar full of love. A very unique gift to express your love, 52 scrolls for every week in a year. If you like to buy this cute 52 reasons mason jar gift find here.

Source: Pinterest

20. DIY Love Tower Box

This is similar to explosion box, photo collage and a surprise gift box. It opens vertically. Here is a DIY tutorial video

Source: Pinterest

21. Funny Banana Message

A cute hand drawn Valentine’s day funny message on banana, to bring smile on your boyfriend’s face.

22. Hooked on You Candy Box

A very creative way to share your memories with your love. Get inspired by the hooked on you candy box tutorial.

Source: Pinterest

23. DIY Instagram Photo Box

Try this super easy DIY photo box to impress your boyfriend. Tutorial

Source: Pinterest

24. Valentine’s Day Candy Poster

Creative way to reminding him, how much you love him with help of candy poster.

25. Cute Heart Shaped Love Note on The Mirror

All you need is some pink sticky notes and write what’s in your heart. He will be surprised to see the mirror.

Source: Pinterest

26. Clothespin Picture Frame

Super easy DIY clothespin picture frame to display the memorable moments with him or with best friends. Tutorial

Source: Pinterest

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