14 DIY Floating Teacup Easter Craft Ideas

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The pleasant floral scent in the air reminds me to welcome the spring season. And with Easter just around the corner, it is the perfect time to start working on another adorable Easter craft.

Today I’ll show you, how to make a DIY Floating teacup centerpiece for Easter. This simple tea cup and saucer craft are easy to make using Dollar Store craft supplies.

And I’m sure your guests will be stunned by the floating teacup craft ideas.

The best part of this teacup centerpiece is it is decorated with colorful eggs, flowers, bunnies, and chicks. It pretty much covers all the major elements that represent the spirit of Easter.

When I first saw the floating teacup spring craft on Pinterest, I was stunned by the illusion. I was very curious to know, how the cup stands in the air? What’s the trick behind it?

Later I came to know, that there is no secret. It was a simple fork bend in an S shape. But there is a trick involved in it to make it look like it’s hanging in the air. That I will explain later in the DIY floating tea cup tutorial.

Let’s start before the Easter bunny knocks on your door…lol

DIY Floating teacup centerpiece for Easter 1
Image: Miriam Formosa (Pinterest)

Supplies you need

  1. Bone China teacup
  2. A Spare folk – The trick here is to find a thin fork, that u can easily bend or you can use a wire from an old coat hanger.
  3. Gorilla glue
  4. Moss
  5. Greenery
  6. Artificial flowers
  7. Mini colorful Easter eggs
  8. Mini decorative chicks
  9. Mini foam carrots for decoration


Bend the tip of the fork up with the help of a plier, and bend the fork in such a way that it perfectly sits on the saucer and the cup.

Similarly, you also need to bend the other end of the fork slightly to fit in the cup. You just need to play with it, bending the folk till you get the perfect angle for your cup and saucer.

glue teacup and saucer with a fork
Image: Ingrid Srock-Mönnig (Pinterest)

Once you’ve done, start sticking the bottom part of the fork with the gorilla glue, to stick the fork. And let it sit overnight.

I know, for some of you the teacup is still not balanced to stand up. Don’t panic, I have a simple fix for it. Take a few rocks and hot glue them near the center of the saucer as a counterweight. Keep adding the rocks till your structure stands up.

Next, we need to cover the saucer and fork with moss. For that, put some hot glue over the saucer and fork and add a generous amount of moss. make sure it covers the whole fork.

Now comes the fun part, when we decorate it with flowers and greenery. Start with a few drops of hot glue over the moss. And stick flowers, tiny greenery stems, Easter eggs, chicks, and tiny carrots.

For more check out the video:

Check out these Inspirational ideas for floating teacup craft

The gorgeous pastel-colored flowers glued with tiny eggs and greenery in the background make it a perfect Easter centerpiece.

floating tea cup easter craft
Image: Ann Burnett (Pinterest)

Check out the cute chick nest inside the cup giving an elegant touch. Bright yellow flowers and beaded eggs enhance the beauty.

Floating Easter teacup decoration idea 02
Image: Anne Burns (Pinterest)

Floating tea cup craft decorated with tiny daisy and purple flowers that perfectly match the spring theme.

Floating easter egg centerpiece idea
Image: cik Joe (Pinterest)

Try this chick house floating teacup Easter decoration. Use tiny foam eggs and green moss to give the chick farm look.

How to make floating teacup
Image: Daniela Lupoli (Pinterest)

This colorful Easter centerpiece is decorated with pastel eggs, chicks, and flowers.

easy floating teacup easter centerpiece 2
Image: Liliane Vandekerckhove (Pinterest)

The colorful spring flowers decorated with leaves, foam eggs, and chicks make it an awesome Easter centerpiece

Floating teacup centerpiece 4
Image: Стойка Керезова (Pinterest)

This floating tea cup is filled with chicks and colorful Easter eggs.

diy Floating Easter teacup decoration idea
Image: Ирина (Pinterest)

In the saucer, you can add many elements like – marbles, tiny plants, greenery, and flowers to make it look full.

How to make floating teacup 2
Anna Judina (Pinterest)

Tiny blue flowers stand out in the background to give a unique look to the craft.

easter floating teacup
Image: Irina Kalinina (Pinterest)

Shiny Easter eggs in combination with purple flowers. The tiny bunny in the center complements the Easter theme.

easy floating teacup easter centerpiece 3
Image: Ladeana Rendler (Pinterest)

This is another great idea where you can use twigs and dry branches to make a nest in the center Then decorate it with flowers, green branches, and foam eggs.

easy floating teacup easter centerpiece 4
Image: Ann Burnett (Pinterest)

This centerpiece is very classy and elegant with the perfect combination of pastel colors.

diy Floating Easter teacup decoration 5
Image: Suzanne Wallis (Pinterest)

Eggs don’t have to be tiny all the time. Try with bigger Easter eggs to make a gorgeous floating teacup craft.

floating tea cup easter craft 3
Image: Eug (Pinterest)

If you enjoyed this post or want to save it for your inspiration, please pin it on the Easter crafts board on your Pinterest.

diy floating teacup easter craft 2

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  1. I loved making the floating tea cup for Easter..the hardest part was balancing it.i used chics, eggs, moss, little bunnies and lady bugs..I did use a combination of hot glue and E6000 and it held together very strong..

    1. I’d suggest you to placing some rocks near the spoon attached to balance the structure. Later on, cover those rocks with moss or mini eggs. Try to use a larger saucer if you don’t have enough space for rocks. If still, it’s not balancing, place an extra saucer that fits underneath and hot glue it. This will make the base heavy and the structure will stand upright. Thank you!

  2. Yolanda Guerra says:

    All very pretty good ideas

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