Homemade Face Masks – 7 No-Sew DIY Ideas

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As the number of confirmed cases of COVID -19 is growing exponentially, now The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending people wear a cloth face mask in public to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Homemade face masks and face-covering has now become a new norm for going out in public.

Though it is a voluntary measure, as the medical masks or N95 respirators are only needed for healthcare service providers. A simple DIY cloth face mask is enough for the rest of us. Additionally, keep your hands sanitized and avoid touching your face.

But the reality is, there has been a shortage of these face masks everywhere, so why not make your own face mask? It’s not rocket science, and believe me, you don’t need to have a sewing machine or know the exact face masks sewing pattern to make a DIY face mask.

Today I’m going to show you easy video tutorials to make no-sew face masks using the material you already have at your home. These DIY flu masks are made from fabrics, bandanas, T-shirts, legging, socks, and rubber bands. You can also insert filters in these masks for extra protection against germs.

Just a word of caution, these DIY face masks will not guarantee to protect you against any viral infections, but it will certainly help you to curb the spread for germs when you go out in public places as recommended by CDC.

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Let’s start learning…

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1. Simple No-Sew Bandana Mask

A simple DIY no-sew bandana mask you can make in two minutes, all you need is a bandana and two rubber bands or hair ties.

Take on an oversized cotton bandana, we need to create multiple layers of the mask by folding the bandana. Take one of the bandana’s side and start folding it. Adjust the width enough to cover your nose and mouth.

Then take two rubber bands or hair ties and loop them on each end of the bandana. Again fold both the ends inside and tuck one of the side into the other end of the bandana as shown in the youtube tutorial.

Extra protection – You can put a piece of vacuum filter or coffee filter inside the bandana for extra protection from germs. This is optional.

Your homemade bandana mask is ready to use, put the rubber bands around your ears, and adjust the face mask to fit over your nose and mouth.

no sew face mask 1
Image Credit: Miss Anthrope (Instagram)

Optional – Put a coffee filter inside the bandana for an extra layer of protection.

2. Easy DIY T-Shirt Mask

Here, the main idea is to make four strings around the T-shirt collar to tie the mask. For that, take an old T-shirt. Cut 2 inch below the armpit line of the T-shirt with a scissor. And cut 1 inch from the top of both the sleeves as shown in the video.

Furthur cut 3 inches at the armpit and cut off both the sleeves. Flip it back and cut the extra fabric below the collar till the bottom end. All done!

no sew face mask 2
Image Credit: sarah singleton (Instagram)

To wear the mask, put T-shirt collar over the nose, tie both the strings at the top similarly tie the bottom strings behind the head. Tuck the extra fabric. Your homemade face mask is ready.

3. No-Sew Face Mask From T-Shirt Sleeves

Another no-sew mask using an old T-shirt, this time utilizing the sleeves of the t-shirt. It is very easy, just cut the sleeves of the old t-shirt. For the ties, cut the collar hem or the bottom hem of the t-shirt.

Put one sleeve piece with the long side down and the other piece inside it, you get the double layer of the mask. Then insert the ties through the sleeves as shown in the video on both ends of the sleeves.

You can also put a piece of coffee filter between the mask for extra protection. Tuck the long piece under the short piece. Your homemade face mask is ready to tie.

4. DIY Sock Face Mask

Socks are easily available in every home, it can be creatively used to make a no-sew face mask and the best part in this DIY is you even don’t need any rubber bands or hair ties to keep it intact.

no sew face mask 3
Image Credit: sarahabigailbaker (Instagram)

Take a sock and cut it from one long side in a rectangular shape. Make a cut on both ends of the sock as shown in the video, to make holes for the ears. The mask is ready to use.

Check out the another variant of DIY sock face mask using rubber band.

5. DIY Face Mask From Bra

You can use an old bra to make this face mask. Try to find a smaller size bra, otherwise, the bigger ones will cover your whole face and not look good.

no sew face mask 4
Image Credit: FANTA the Vizsla (Instagram)

First cut the bra from the middle, take one part and cut the outer fabric with the help of a scissor to give a proper shape and remove the metal wire. Also, cut two bra straps, and stitch each one on both the side using thread and needle.

6. DIY Face Mask From Bottom of The Leggings

Take a old legging from your wardrobe to make this no-sew face mask. First step is to cut the bottom hem of the legging. Measure 13 inches from there and cut off the other side of the legging.

The next step is to cut the corners to form a rounded edge on both sides. next, we cut one inch on either side and cut off the excess fabric, repeating the process on another side as well.

Make holes for the ears on both sides of the legging as shown in the video. Your mask is ready to put on.

no sew face mask 5
Image Credit: Michelle Schreck (Instagram)

You can also put a coffee filter inside the mask for extra protection.

7. DIY Face Mask Using a Handkerchief, Scarf, or Bandana

This no-sew DIY mask is so simple that you don’t even need a scissor or cutting the fabric, not even the rubber bands.

You need any fabric or cloth, it can be a handkerchief, bandana, or scarf. Fold the cloth along the diagonal and tie the two ends behind your head as shown in the video tutorial.

no sew face mask 6
Image Credit: Jeff Landar Dayatan (Instagram)

Tuck the other two ends of the cloth over both sides of your cheeks. Follow the instructions in the video for more clarity.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

If you find these ideas useful or want to save it to try later, Please Pin it on Your DIY board on your Pinterest.

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