23 Scary & Funny Halloween Costumes For Kids

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It’s finally Trick-or-Treat time is here.

Have your kids made up their minds, what they want to be this Halloween?

It’s a bit of challenge for every mom as today’s smart kids don’t like to wear the same old superhero or toon character costumes.

And now, you are searching for the perfect spooky, cute or something unique Halloween costumes for your kid’s. Right?

Everything seems to be too expensive, whether you check Halloween costumes at the nearby stores or online.

So, here is the cool list of scary & funny Halloween costumes for kids. These DIY ideas are cheap, easy to make and make your kids stand out in the crowd.

Here we go!

DIY Beetlejuice
It’s really cheap to make this cool Beetlejuice costume, here is the complete tutorial. I’m sure it will inspire you to brainstorm for your DIY costumes.

Scary headless doctor
This is a standout costume for boys and the spooky element every kid would love.

Edward Scissorhands
Here is another inspiration for the girl’s DIY costume of Edward Scissorhands.

Chucky kid
Chucky kid is one of my favorite Halloween costume and it is very easy to make for the last minute.

Pennywise clown
A very inspiring DIY idea to make Pennywise clown costume tutorial.

Homemade Octopus
It is a very simple and no-sew DIY Halloween costume made from socks.

Jack Skellington
Here is a last-minute super easy DIY costume of Jack Skellington.

Spooky Halloween bride
An easy to make zombie costume for girls to look scary

A cool ninja costume, simple DIY with no-sew using duct tape.

Little Minions
A wonderful tutorial of DIY Minions costume for your cute little ones.

DIY Glow in the dark skeleton
An all time classic skeleton costume with a glow in the dark effect.

Super easy DIY Genie costume
This cute Genie costume is made from cheap DIY shimmer and shiny jewelry.

Man cut in half
This is a great DIY costume idea for boys, and the best part it costs less than $15.

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Marshmello Costume
If you are Marshmello fan, then definitely check out this costume. Here is tutorials

Pete the Cat Four Groovy Buttons Costume
Did Pete cry? Goodness no! Buttons come and buttons go. Here is the favorite book character for kids.

Cute spider costume
A cute last minute spider costume made from cheap dollar store items.

Umbrella bat costume
A very easy no-sew umbrella bat costume, a must-try for the Halloween.

Toilet paper Mummies
Wrap some toilet papers over your kids and they are ready to go for Halloween party, it’s as simple as that.

Elliott & ET
A tricycle, ET doll and a red hoodie all you need to give your kid a cute Halloween look.

Finn and princess bubblegum
Dress up as your favorite toon character Finn and princess bubblegum.

The joker costume
Great inspiration from the movie the joker, try this fun costume for your little ones.

Power rangers
If you like superhero costumes, then get inspired by power rangers.

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Scary and Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids

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