21 DIY Easter Wreath Ideas For Front Door

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Finally, spring is here. As mother nature blooms with gorgeous spring flowers.

It’s the perfect time to give your home a refreshing makeover with these adorable DIY Easter wreath ideas for the front door.

Well, you can buy those expensive Easter wreaths from the stores but nothing can match the satisfaction of homemade wreaths.

And I’m sure, when your family and friends notice your Easter decoration, they will admire your creative skills. So get ready to be flattered.

These elegant Easter wreaths are super easy to make with inexpensive Dollar Store items like wreath frames, deco mesh, burlap ribbon, or rustic grapevine. Make sure to check out the simple tutorials.

The best part of the handmade Easter wreath is you can experiment with colorful Easter eggs, fresh spring flowers, a cute fluffy Easter bunny, and carrots to give the farmhouse decor style.

Let’s jump right in!

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1. Easy Easter Egg Wreath

If you’re on a tight budget and still want a stunning Easter wreath, try this easy Easter egg wreath using inexpensive Dollar Store plastic eggs and a burlap bow. Supplies you need:

Instruction – Stick all the plastic eggs in a circular shape on the Styrofoam ring using a glue gun. Once it’s done, glue the burlap bow on the egg wreath.

diy easter wreath 1
Image Credit: Brandi Richardson (Pinterest)

2. Adorable Easter Bunny On The Spring Grass

Get inspired by this Easter bunny on a spring grass wreath. The wrapped burlap ribbon gives a classy farmhouse-style decor. To make this wreath you need:

Instructions – Wrap the burlap ribbon on the grapevine wreath. On the bottom part of the wreath, wrap the green eyelash yarn. Stick the bow on top with hot glue. At the bottom, glue foam eggs over the grass. Don’t forget to glue the cute bunny figurine on the grass.

Also check out this adorable Spring wreath with bunny pattern fabric and decorated with pink, green, and orange felt flowers.

diy easter wreath 2
Image Credit: April Salazar (Pinterest)

3. Beautiful Carrot Wreath

This classy carrot shape wreath perfectly matches the spring theme. Very easy to make using orange tulips bushes and greens. You can also order this wreath from Etsy.

diy easter wreath 21

4. Easter Wreath With Pastel Berries

Very elegant grapevine wreath decorated with pastel berries and monogram letter of your choice. You can also select the color of the ribbon to match your front door. Check out this Easter wreath.

diy easter wreath 25

5. Easy Deco Mesh Wreath In Pastel Colors

Beautiful handmade Easter wreath with pastel colors ribbons decorated with wooden Easter egg sign. Check out on Etsy.

diy easter wreath 29

6. Forsythia Spring Wreath

I’m sure your neighbors will feel jealous when they see this elegant yellow forsythia and white cherry blossom Spring wreath. The high-quality silk flowers are beautifully arranged over a grapevine wreath. Check out this spring wreath

diy easter wreath 32

7. Deco Mesh Carrot Wreath

Another cool variant of the carrot wreath uses an orange deco mesh ribbon to make this awesome wreath for the front door. Order this gorgeous handmade wreath.

diy easter wreath 6
Image Credit: Donna’s Adoornables (Pinterest)

8. Easter Bunny Wreath Using Poof and Ruffle Method

Poof and ruffle method is a simple technique of using leftover mesh, where we add layers of mesh to the base of the wreath. The end product is just awesome.

diy easter wreath 7
Image Credit: Sandi Kline (Pinterest)

Tutorial guide

9. Farmhouse Easter Bunny Wreath

Try this farmhouse-style spring welcome wreath highlighted by a cute bunny and carrots plus lots of colorful ribbons. Get this wreath

diy easter wreath 28

10. Spring Grapevine Wreath

Gorgeous spring grapevine wreath decorated with pink roses and daisies. Creatively arranged cherry blossoms and pink berries. Check out this wreath

diy easter wreath 31

11. Floral Wreath

A simple spring floral wreath using a straw wreath base decorated with lots of fresh flowers, green, and an adorable bee. Check out this wreath

diy easter wreath 30

12. Nature Wreath With Tree Branches

Make this nature wreath by tying the tree branches and decorating it with fresh spring flowers, ribbon, and green. Instructions

diy easter wreath 12
Image Credit: Katrin (Pinterest)

13. Bubble Mesh Wreath

This bubble shape wreath is decorated with pastel color eggs and a ribbon with the cute bunny in the center. Check out this yellow bubble mesh wreath on Etsy

14. Easter Bunny Spring Wreath

This purple mesh wreath with a bunny in the center is a perfect spring wreath, decorated with colorful eggs and ribbons that will look gorgeous on your door. Check out on Etsy.

diy easter wreath 23

15. Umbrella Wreath

An Umbrella wreath is a very creative way of flower arrangement for spring decoration. It is very easy to make and the color contrast of the umbrella really goes well with the fresh spring flowers. Try it.

diy easter wreath 15
Image Credit: Jessica Rudolph (Pinterest)

16. DIY Rope Wrapped Spring Floral Wreath

This beautiful wreath can be easily made with Dollar Tree supplies. Wrapping rope on wreath form gives a rustic look. Learn the technique.

diy easter wreath 16
Image Credit: Anna Zakar (Pinterest)

17. Easter Bunny With Purple Tulips

diy easter wreath 17
Image Credit: Wreaths by Linda Marie (Pinterest)

18. Bunny Grapevine Wreath

Learn how to make this cute bunny grapevine wreath, decorated with greens, egg, and a funky bow. Tutorial

diy easter wreath 18
Image Credit: Omy store (Pinterest)

If you enjoyed these Easter wreath ideas or want to save it for your inspiration, Please Pin it on Easter Wreath board on your Pinterest.

easter wreath

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