19 DIY Easter Basket Ideas For Kids & Toddlers

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Easter is around the corner and this is the perfect time to find inspiration for the unique homemade Easter basket for kids, toddlers, and adults.

There are tons of ideas for designing a DIY Easter basket when it comes to kids and babies you have to make sure their Easter baskets are full of pastel colors, an Easter bunny, and cute little goodies to bring a smile to you their faces.

As the toddlers and kids are busy with the egg hunt, Easter baskets for adults and teens need to be full of fun and thoughtful things with a practical approach.

For starters, here you’ll find simple and easy creative inspirations to make a baby’s first Easter basket stuffed with chocolate, candies, toys, and useful things.

These beautiful personalized Easter baskets include a baby swing Easter basket, handmade string egg basket, and no candy Easter baskets using Dollar Store items inspired by Easter decorations.

Theme-based popular Disney character-based Easter baskets for girls like Frozen easter basket, Trolls Easter basket, tutu Easter basket, and unicorn basket ideas. And don’t forget those Easter eggs.

For boys and teenage guys, the Easter basket is full of action pack things like the Avengers Easter basket, Spiderman, Batman, baseball, summer beach, pool toys, and practical gifts.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

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1. Trolls Easter Basket

Troll’s theme Easter basket has been in Trending among the kids. It looks gorgeous and attracts kids very often. The basket is based on queen Poppy, fill the basket with Trolls toys, candies, and gift items. Order this cute Easter basket.

easter basket ideas for kids 22
Image Credit: Gisselle Franco (Pinterest)

2. Rain Boot Easter Basket

Very unique and creative Easter basket idea using rain boots, fill them with some peeps, treats, and candies. You can also opt for no-candy items like Easter eggs, stickers, crayons, and coloring books for kids. Get this basket from here.

easter basket ideas for kids 23
Image Credit: Two Chocolate Faces‎‎‎‎‎ (Facebook)

3. Handmade T-shirt Yarn Crochet Easter Basket

Unique Easter basket that is handmade with recycled T-shirts using crochet. They come in adorable pastel colors with a custom wooden bunny tag of your kid’s name. Order it from Etsy

easter basket ideas for kids 24

4. Umbrella Easter Basket

Another no candy super cool idea is an umbrella Easter basket. You can try this for boys and girls. Boys love superheroes. Get some of these superhero umbrellas for boys:

Check out girl’s favorite characters for the umbrella basket

They look pretty, colorful, and super easy to make. All you’ve to do is fill the umbrella with kid’s favorite superhero character toys like batman and spiderman, and add goodies like puzzle books, stickers, and sports balls that kids love.

easter basket ideas for kids 2
Image Credit: Tiffany Bunting (Pinterest)

5. Mason Jar Easter Baskets

Think out of the box, try this gorgeous mason jar basket, and fill them with colorful m&m eggs, Easter cone treats, and chocolate bunnies.


1. Get these clear glass jars
2. Decorate the jar with daisy flower heads on top and tie polka dot ribbons on the neck
3. Now comes the best part, fill the jars with all the goodies that kids love. Since the jars are clear glass you can experiment with items of pastel colors plus some vibrant colors. Fill the jars with:

easter basket ideas for kids 3
Image Credit: Leah Letki (Pinterest)

chocolate bunny in a mason jar

There is another way to fill the glass jar. Take a few Easter grass, place it at the bottom then put the chocolate bunny in the middle. Fill the jar with colorful jelly beans or chocolate eggs.

chocolate bunny mason jar 2
Image: Jessica Belinda Schumann (Pinterest)

6. Basket Ball Easter Basket

Basketball theme Easter basket is full of all the favorite sports snacks and candies. It has got caramel popcorn, chocolate-dipped pretzels, lots of chocolate Oreos, and fudge. Check out this Easter basket.

easter basket ideas for kids 27

7. DIY String Easter Basket

Learn to make the egg shape Easter basket with the string and decorate it with colored paper butterflies and flowers. Tutorials

easter basket ideas for kids 5
Image Credit: Kateřina Karesova (Pinterest)

8. Minnie Mouse Easter Basket

Staying with the Disney theme, try this pretty Minnie mouse Easter basket this year to surprise your kids. Get this Minnie mouse Easter basket. If you love DIY here is the guide.

minnie mouse easter basket
Image Credit: Sarika Chandak (Pinterest)

9. Peeps Marshmallow Easter Basket For Kids

The fact is all kids love marshmallow peeps, using this theme make these unique Easter baskets using cute peeps and fill them will all the goodies. Get these candy baskets

easter basket ideas for kids 7
Image Credit: Christy Serralta (Pinterest)

10. Frozen Easter Basket

Inspired by my favorite Disney character, find inspiration for a girl’s Easter basket. Frozen Easter basket is a collection of all the goodies based on Elsa & Ana’s characters including bracelets, dolls, jewelry, and other treats. Check out this basket

easter basket ideas for kids 8
Image Credit: TeeBasket (Instagram)

11. Easter Basket Candy Cake

This Easter basket candy cake is made with kid’s favorite candy and treats. Topped with Easter Peeps, chocolate eggs, toys, and all other goodies that your little ones love. Check out this candy Easter basket.

easter basket ideas for kids 25

12. Hello Kity Easter Basket

Inspired by the Hello Kitty theme, this basket is full of all the goodies that kids love. Take a willow basket, and paint it with pink spray paint. The main point of attraction, place the Hello Kitty plush toy in the center and fill the basket with pink candies, kid’s accessories, and toys.

Supplies you need:

Fill the basket with

easter basket ideas for kids 14
Image Credit: Lauren Harris (Pinterest)

13. Flower Basket

This is a super gorgeous flower basket for Easter. Decorated with artificial Eggs, greenery Bunny, and paper flowers. Check out on Etsy

easter basket ideas for kids 26

14. Wicker Basket For Girls

This cute pink wicker basket is perfect for girls. Decorated with paper flowers and ribbon. Fill it with Easter eggs, toys, and goodies. Check on Etsy.

easter basket ideas for kids 28

15. Personalized Easter Buckets

Learn how to make those DIY personalized Easter buckets. Tutorial. Check out these personalized baskets.

easter basket ideas for kids 15
Image Credit: Angie Vera-Gonzalez (Pinterest)

16. Beach Towel Bunny Easter Baskets

Learn how to make this simple beach towel Easter basket. Roll the two sides of the towel to the center to give a bunny shape and attach a swimming goggle at the end to keep those folds in place. You can add candies, toys, eggs, and other Easter goodies inside the basket.

17. Baby Swing Easter Basket

If you’re looking for a practical Easter basket for a toddler or baby, you should try a swing Easter basket. It is easy to make and you can pick the toys and goodies of your choice.

easter basket ideas for kids 6
Image Credit: Jenna Ventresca (Pinterest)

18. Truck Easter Basket

Make your Easter basket inspired by a tipper toy truck, and fill it with all the goodies and treats.

easter basket ideas for kids 11
Image Credit: katie (Pinterest)

19. Baby’s First Easter Basket

Find fun ways to fill the baby’s first Easter basket. Try practical gift ideas and fillers like cozy outfits and pajamas, stuffed bunnies and cute chicks, Easter-themed adorable storybooks, rattles, infant slippers, and baby blocks.

easter basket ideas for kids 16
Image Credit: Ferris & Halifax (Instagram)

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