16 Turkey Fruit Tray Ideas For Thanksgiving

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Turkey day is just around the corner. While hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, you have to look after a lot of things.

Sure, Turkey is the main star but there are also side dishes and desserts. Plus the Thanksgiving table setting.

But what about the appetizers?

As the guests arrive and mingle with each other. You want something to keep them engaged. What better than a healthy Turkey fruit tray?

Although everyone loves fruits, when presented in an attractive way, it is guaranteed to win everyone’s heart.

Secondly, these fruit trays are easy to assemble and way better than unhealthy appetizers.

In this post, I’ll share some of the simple and easy ways to make a Turkey-shaped fruit tray.

Let’s begin

How to make a turkey-shaped fruit tray

Making a Turkey fruit platter is easy, take a large serving tray. Start with the Turkey body, for that we’ll use a half-cut pear, and place it at the center. Then we have to just layer fruits of different colors and shapes over that.

Simple Turkey fruit tray
Photo Credit: Sarah Boehms Taylor (Pinterest)


Serving tray – You can use any large round-shaped serving tray or platter depending upon the number of guests.

Pear – Cut a pear in half and place it in the center of the tray. Slice some long carrots to form turkey legs and a small triangular nose. Use two chocolate chips or cloves to make Turkey eyes.

Fruits – Fresh green grapes, red grapes, a few chunks of pineapple, oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit, and blueberries.

Turkey fruit tray
Photo Credit: Tina Adosci (Pinterest)


The key here is the starting point, place the half-cut pear in the middle. Later, all the layers of fruits will be arranged over the pear in a rounding pattern.

For the best results, focus on the colors and size of the fruit. Because, as you see the inner circle is small, so try to put all the small size fruits into it. Like the grapes, blueberries, and chunks of pineapples.

As you proceed towards the outer layer, select the bigger size fruits. Like the strawberries, pieces of oranges, and kiwi fruit. Also, try to put a larger quantity of fruits at the outer layer to make it look full.

Turkey appetizer fruit tray
Photo Credit: Luong Wendy (Pinterest)

And lastly, play with different color combinations. In the inner circle, you can use lighter colors like green grapes followed by dark-colored fruits like blueberries and strawberries.

As we move on to the outer layer, again use light-colored fruits like apples and oranges.

Another creative idea is to add a layer of pistachio, almonds, or pecan in between. Plus a layer of chocolate raisins or pretzels can give a new texture to the whole setup.

You also have to match the right color combination for each layer. Below, we can see how the center is arranged in light color pear and green grapes.

As we move towards outer layer, we use more brighter and dark colored fruit combinations like blueberries, black grapes, red grapes, and strawberries.

Turkey shaped Thanksgiving appetizer
Photo Credit: Dolceria (Pinterest)

To the final layer, we again use lighter color fruits like kiwi, pieces of oranges or apples.

Turkey fruit tray Thanksgiving starter
Photo Credit: Jessica (Pinterest)

In this Turkey platter, the orange dominates as the outer skin of orange is removed, makes it look more brighter. The inner layers with blackberries and strawberries make the whole setup gorgeous.

Using skewers is another creative idea to try. As you put tomatoes and onion on skewers for BBQ kebabs similarly put fruit pieces of different colors on skewers. And arrange it around pear to make a cute Turkey tray.

For skewers, use small sized fruits like blueberries, grapes, and pineapple pieces in the beginning. At the end put bigger fruits like orange, banana, or strawberry.

gorgeous Turkey fruit tray
Photo Credit: Melissa Wagidoso (Pinterest)

Simple Thanksgiving fruit appetizer setup with few raspberries, grapes and pineapple pieces.

Thanksgiving Turkey fruit
Photo Credit: Susan Holfeltz (Pinterest)

Raspberries and blackberries surrounded by long pieces of green apple and pears makes it a delicious combination.

Fruit Kabob Turkey Centerpiece

This is again a very easy and my personal favorite Turkey fruit centerpiece. To make the fruit kabob Turkey centerpiece you need a large cantaloupe or a melon, fruits and lots of skewers.

The large cantaloupe forms the Turkey body, use pear for head attached by a toothpick. Cut red bell pepper to form feet and use blueberries for eyes. Again red pepper is used around eyes and wattle.

Now comes the fun part Turkey feather, in a skewer put grapes, strawberry and diced cantaloupe or pineapple. You need lots of these skewers. Once done attach these skewers on Turkey body.

Thanksgiving Turkey fruit kaboob
Photo Credit: Zereth Ulloa (Pinterest)

Here a melon is used for Turkey body and at the bottom is decorated with broccoli and peas.

Turkey fruit centerpiece
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Muras (Pinterest)

In this centerpiece, the melon is cut from the top to create some extra space to add few more fruits.

Turkey fruit kaboob
Photo Credit: Susan Stewart (Pinterest)

Adding few pieces of oranges between the skewers enhances the Turkey look.

Fruit kaboob Turkey
Photo Credit: Nicolette Martonyi (Pinterest)

This gorgeous looking Turkey fruit platter is made by Teddie decorated with cute Turkey crafts. Check out her Instagram for more cool ideas.

If you enjoyed these cool ideas, please consider pinning these images to your Thanksgiving board on Pinterest. It really helps me to reach more audiences.

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