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25 Gorgeous Christmas Table Centerpieces Decoration Ideas

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Imagine the best moments of the holiday season when the Christmas music is playing in the background and snow is falling outside.

This is the perfect time to start your Christmas table decorations for the holiday feast.

Have you found the perfect Christmas centerpiece yet? The centerpiece is the main attraction of the Christmas decoration when the family and friends gather together on the dinner table.

You might be thinking, setting a Christmas centerpiece can be an expensive and difficult task. Where to find Christmas decor ideas and inspirations?

To make your task easy I’ve rounded up some of the most elegant DIY Christmas centerpieces ideas that are easy to make using cheap dollar store items.

Here you’ll find the rustic winter centerpieces made from simple pine cones, wood, mason jar, ornaments. Creative use of floral greenery with white candles and lanterns to give the farmhouse style.

Let’s head over to these inspirations…

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Very graceful centerpiece with a snowmen train decoration

Image Credit: Yasmin (Pinterest)

A rustic centerpiece decorated with ornaments and a lot of greenery, Santa waiting with gifts.

Image: Pinterest

Simple decoration using lots of mushrooms, pine cones, snowman, and white pillar candles perfect winter setup.

Image Credit: Gabriella Segyik-Póczak (Pinterest)

A beautiful wine glass Christmas candle centerpiece idea

Image Credit: Patrizia Sicurani (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Edina72 (Pinterest)

Mini pine cones and ornaments add holiday charm to this centerpiece

Image Credit: sona šindelářová (Pinterest)

A wonderful snow world is created using miniature objects

Image Credit: Yasmin (Pinterest)

Lots of golden ornaments surrounding candles on a gold plated tray.

Image Credit: Sylvie Beauregard (Pinterest)

Another great rustic centerpiece with the greenery of moss

Image Credit: Susan Vrana (Pinterest)

Get inspired by this classic centerpiece

Image Credit: Eva Horáčková (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Laura Flores (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Patrizia Sicurani (Pinterest)
Image Credit: sona šindelářová (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Eva Horáčková (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Veronika Romaňáková Pakos (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Iliana Segedi (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Cindy DeLong (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Judit Fodor (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Mairot Mariano (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Yasmin (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Elizabeth (Pinterest)
Image Credit: ivana puksova (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Gabriella Segyik-Póczak (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Eva Horáčková (Pinterest)
Image Credit: sona šindelářová (Pinterest)

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