75+ Easter Basket candy alternatives that your kids will love

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I can’t express in words, the sigh of relief I get from the warmth of the sun after a long frosty winter. The floral scent in the air. Finally, spring is here.

There is so much planning in our heads, Easter decor, new hideouts of Easter egg hunts. How can one forget about the Easter basket?

My kids love all the goodies in the basket, but my concern is sugar-high candies, chocolate bunny, and jelly beans.

Being part of Easter tradition candies are inevitable, It’s in the Easter party, the egg hunt, and the gift basket. You name it.

And I’m sure, you also don’t want to encourage unhealthy eating habits in kids with the candy-rich Easter basket fillers.

So, what are the non-candy alternatives you can put in their Easter basket? And would they like it?

Here, I’ve put together a list of non-candy Easter basket ideas, that your little bunnies would love. There is something for everyone on this list.

what can I put in my easter basket non-candy alternatives to look full?

There are plenty of creative ways to fill your Easter basket with non-candy alternatives. It also depends upon which age group your basket is for. Preschoolers and toddlers love fun activities, so you can look for educational STEM activity toys.

In the same way, basic baby supplies and essentials are the best stuffers for a baby’s first Easter basket. For boys Easter baskets, besides candy, you can look for building blocks, books, fun board games. I have covered the entire list below.

What about the Tik Tok lovers and Insta fans? I have also covered the teenagers in this list. They are tech-savvy, so check out the latest gadgets and tech toys to inspire them.

What to put in an Easter basket for a toddler (1-2 year old)?

There are tons of clever non-candy Easter basket filler ideas for toddlers. You can start with simple art and craft supplies, Pjs, books, cool backpacks, sunglass, building blocks, Lego, stuffed animals, and so on.

Plus you can also pick educational activities games such as kinetic sand, play dough, foam alive for sensory play, or STEM activities to improve their fine motor skills. Check out the fun list to inspire your toddlers:

easter basket fillers toddlers

Kinetic sand sensory play

Give shape to your imagination with play-doh

Mold your favorite animal with the mold clay set

Cool fluffy foam alive for sensory play

Fun Educational set to improve sensory and fine motor skills:
Counting bears and color matching set

Farmer’s market sorting set

Activity cube set for counting and math skills

Pipe play toddler’s bathtub fun activity

See your animal grow bigger in water

Dot marker coloring pens

Cute toddler PJs

Cute animal and fruit design hair pins for girls

Fairy garden kit

Easter-themed books are always a hit!

Llama llama Easter egg

Pete the cat big Easter adventure

How to catch the Easter bunny

It’s not easy being a bunny

Happy Easter, mouse!

Biscuit’s pet & play Easter

The great eggscape!

The itsy bitsy bunny

What to put in baby’s first Easter basket?

For a baby’s first Easter basket you need to be selective to pick only those items that are useful to the baby and mom. Start with basics like – baby wipes, cute PJs bodysuits, bibs, bath toys, stuffed animals, and sensory toys.

Practical items like – training cups and spoons, bibs, baby lotion, pacifier, teething toys, socks, and booties. Some of the fillers are even good for preschools. Check out the detail list:

babys first easter basket ideas

Custom baby outfit with name

Baby wipes

Mess-proof baby bibs

Baby spoon

Spill-proof baby cups

Cute baby socks

Baby booties

Personalized pacifier

Teether carrot

Personalized bunny teether toy

Bath toys

Sensory textured balls

Stuffed animals

Bubble machine

What do you put in a boys Easter basket?

I completely agree, putting together a boys Easter basket is the hardest part. The toys we select fails to impress them. To help you out I have some inspiring suggestions. Starting with educational games that are are engaging, medieval castle building blocks, board games, books, and puzzles.

Let their creative juices flow with paint sticks, dot markers coloring pens, LED light and tracing pad, sidewalk coloring chalk, activity workbook, and scratch art notes. They are not limited to boys, you can also consider them to fill girl’s Easter baskets too.

Art supply kit for DIY crafting

Paint sticks

Light up tracing pad drawing

Sidewalk chalks

Garden tool set

Activity workbook

Scratch art notes

Easter eggs color and shape recognition puzzle gift

Foam glider planes

Floating bath toys

Fishing toy




Skipping rope

Dinosaur backpack with a cool plush toy in the harness

Harry porter castle

Medieval knight wooden castle building blocks

What to put in an Easter basket For teenagers?

Shopping for a teenager’s Easter basket is one of the trickiest things, especially when considering your budget. Sure candy might work for some teens. They’re too old for Easter eggs, coloring sticks, toys, books, or board games. Today’s 13 year old boys or elder guys are more interested in cool gadgets, music, and gaming stuff.

So here are some of the unique Easter basket ideas for teenage guys. I have cherry-picked a few trendy ideas like the game controller, drone, gaming headsets, and other cool tech products.

Cool game controller for mobile gaming

Xbox game pass

Playstation membership

Spotify premium subscription

Wireless gaming headset

3d printing pen for teen artist

Toy drone

Guitar for your rockstar

Portable bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth beanie

Coca-cola mini fridge

Magnetic Levitating Globe with LED Light

What do you put in Easter baskets for teen girls?

I’m sure you’ll agree with me, reading the minds of teenage girls is as difficult as finding gifts for their Easter hamper. You should know the trendy things that inspire them. I’ll tell you what they exactly like. Teen girls spend a lot of time learning makeup tutorials and hairstyles on Instagram, get them makeup kit and hair accessories.

They also love the cool techy gadgets like – a selfie photo printer, Bluetooth karaoke microphone, and AirPods. They’re crazy about music so look for Bluetooth speakers. Some are BTS fans so, look for BTS backpacks.

Tweens love room aesthetics and decor, get them color-changing light strips and photo clip fairy lights to decorate their bedroom. Check out more creative Easter basket filler ideas for teenage girls.

Makeup set

Acne patch

Skin care kit

Bath bombs

Temporary tattoo marker

Hair accessories

Fitness tracker

Trendy custom bead bracelet

Planner + Bullet Journal

Trendy gold hoops

Portable selfie photo printer

Selfie light ring

Bluetooth karaoke microphone

Guitar for musical lessons

Mini fridge

Tile mate bluetooth key finder

Color changing light strip

Photo clip string lights

Cool backpack for teen girls

If you enjoyed these ideas or want to save them to try later, Please Pin it on the Easter basket board on your Pinterest.

non candy easterbasket fillers

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