Scary Halloween Garage Door Decoration Ideas

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As the air gets cooler, the stage is set for Halloween.

I’m sure you must have planned some great DIY ideas for the porch, front yard, and windows. What about the garage door?

Halloween garage door decor is so underrated.

Even I forget about it. Every Halloween I try to do something different than last year however, I always feel something is missing, that’s my garage door.

The garage door is indeed a huge area visible right in front of the house. It obviously looks boring if you leave it blank. It’s a big canvas, you can do so much with your creativity.

In this post, I’m going to share a bunch of easy DIY Halloween garage door decoration ideas that will transform your garage door into a scary masterpiece.

Let’s get started.

How to decorate garage door for Halloween

To decorate the garage door I’ve scrolled through the Pinterest rabbit hole and found that, broadly there are five most popular types of garage door decorations:

  • Mausoleum crypt decoration
  • Duct tape art
  • Plywood silhouette
  • Creating animated effects using a projector
  • Door covers and decals
  • Decorating with door magnets
Halloween garage door decoration
Photo Credit: Courtney Eaton (Facebook)

Plus there are other popular themes like monster mouth, jack o lantern, and clown face. That I’ll talk about later.

Mausoleum crypt Garage Door Decoration

The square panels of the garage door are perfect to create a mausoleum-type crypt wall. This project is pretty simple, you need foam boards and magnets. you can easily get them from your local hardware store.

Take 1-inch thick foam board and cut it into equal sizes crypt plates. Spray paint the board with a grey shade and make it look weathered. You can write the names and memorials by hand or take a printout and glue it on the foam board.

Halloween garage door mausoleum decoration
Photo Credit: Kristen Everitt (Facebook)

The installation of the garage door mausoleum crypt is pretty simple, just glue the magnets on the back side of the foam board and attach it to the squares of the garage door panels.

Quick tip: In place of foam board, you can also use try poster board and use transparent tape to attach it to the squares.

Halloween garage door mausoleum crypt decoration
Photo Credit: Linda Marshall (Facebook)
Halloween garage door crypt wall facade
Photo Credit: Courtney Eaton (Facebook)
Halloween garage door clown monster
Photo Credit: Stephanie Smith Rarick (Facebook)

Halloween garage door decor Silhouette

If you’re passionate about woodworking then this project is for you. To make the silhouette, for inspiration first, find an image of two witches with a cauldron. You can easily get one on Pinterest or Google.

Halloween garage door silhouette
Photo Credit: Alisa Marie Kintz‎‎‎‎‎ (Facebook)

The second step is to draw an outline of the image freehandedly on a piece of plywood (4×8 plywood board). You can even use bigger plywood based on the image and size you want. You will need two or three pieces of plywood for this project.

Halloween garage door silhouette plywood cutout
Photo Credit: Heather Stutz (Facebook)

Once you are satisfied with the outline, cut the plywood with Dremel in the desired shape. Sand it and paint it in a dark black shade. Maybe two or three coats of paint are enough.

Add some extra spookiness by adding orange or red string lights at the back of cutouts. Attach them with tape. Plug in the cord and check everything looks fine. Give some final touch-ups before installing the silhouette.

Halloween garage door silhouette lightings
Photo Credit: Heather L. John (Facebook)

The headless horseman is a unique silhouette for Halloween door one can try other than witches with the cauldron.

Halloween garage door silhouette headless horseman
Photo Credit: Matt James (Facebook)

A grim reaper along with jack o lanterns is used in this silhouette design additionally, two cocoon corpses are also hung to make a haunted scene.

DIY Halloween garage door silhouette
Photo Credit: Heather L. John (Facebook)
Halloween garage door silhouette oogie boogie
Photo Credit: Matt James (Facebook)

Make sure to check out these front door decorations for Halloween

Halloween garage door decor jack o lantern
Photo Credit: Toni Meadows (Facebook)

Halloween garage door Monster Mouth

This monster mouth garage door went too viral a few years ago. This is pretty easy to make. First, you need black plastic sheeting. Cover the door panels with black plastic sheeting.

With the help of a marker, draw the monster teeth shape on the foam board and cut them out. Paint the upper and lower part in red gum color.

For eyes, cut the foam board in an oval shape, and make the eyes a bit tilted. Glue a green construction paper, again glue a black circular paper over it.

With double-sided tape, stick the teeth and eyes over the garage door. Your monster door is ready

Halloween garage door monster
Photo Credit: Stephanie Goodrich (Facebook)
Halloween garage door monster decoration
Photo Credit: Danielle Justice (Facebook)

Decorating using black duct tape

DIY Halloween garage door decorations with duct tape
Photo Credit: Pam Baril Sayman (Facebook)
Halloween garage door decor tape art
Halloween garage door decorations using decals
Photo Credit: Jason Dimuzio (Facebook)
Halloween garage door decorations jack skellington face
Photo Credit: Laura Lee (Facebook)
Garage door Halloween decorations with duct tape
Photo Credit: William Agor (Facebook)

Halloween garage door magnets.

Since most of the garage doors are made of steel, there are plenty of magnetic decor accessories you can try for Halloween decor. Just lay them on your metal door, it is as simple!

Check out these magnet decors at Etsy (Affiliate link)

Halloween garage door magnet decor
Photo Credit: Etsy
Halloween garage door projector decoration
Photo Credit: Ro Go (Facebook)

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