25 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

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As the magical holiday season is approaching, set the festive mood with the Christmas decorations.

I’m sure you must be planning to decorate your home or apartment for Christmas and the holiday. Taking the help of kids for getting ready with the lights, garlands, wreaths, and Christmas ornaments.

But there’s no need to spend lots of money decking your halls this holiday season because there are plenty of DIY decoration ideas that not only save you a lot of money and also make your home a winter wonderland.

In fact, you can save some dough for Christmas gifts and do a party with your loved ones. Make your holiday decorations more affordable with these ideas.

To inspire your Christmas decorations I’ve rounded up some of the amazing Christmas decor ideas for Christmas tree, wreaths, outdoor porch, snowman, Santa, snowflakes, and much more.

These easy and simple decorating ideas are homemade using glass, fabric, paper, glitter, wood, mason jar, wine bottles, lights, and cheap dollar store items.

Whether you like rustic farmhouse or elegant traditional style, there’s something here for everyone. Even kids can make personalized gifts with these DIY projects.

Let’s get into the Christmas mood….

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Ornaments Christmas Tree

ornaments christmas tree
Photo Credit: Li’Isha Wilson (Facebook)

To create a festive ornaments tree, take a cone-shaped foam base. Arrange various ornaments, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Secure each ornament with hot glue.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

toilet paper roll snowman
Photo Credit: Cassandra Fagan (Facebook)

This budget-friendly adorable snowman decoration is very easy. Stack toilet paper roll on top of each other and wrap them with a white tissue paper.

Adorn it with a mini stocking cap, and a scarf. Add features like: googly eyes, nose is swirled orange pipe cleaner, and buttons.

Make a Christmas tree with pasta
These cute mini Christmas trees are so easy to make, paste the pasta over a piece of cardboard folded in a conical shape using a glue gun. Here is the Tutorial

christmas decoration ideas 1.1
Image: Pinterest


christmas decoration ideas 3.1
Image: Pinterest

Easy Paper Ornaments
Make these very easy DIY paper snowflakes for your Christmas tree.

Color Changing Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

Brighten your room with this unique 5 ft. tall color-changing fiber optic Christmas Tree with 150 multi-color LED lights. Check out at Michaels.

christmas decoration 2

This classic cone shape artificial Christmas tree is so elegant for indoor decoration. The multicolor LED lights make it unique. Check it out at Michaels.

christmas decoration 1

Mason jar decoration using burlap
Wrapping burlap belt strap over a mason jar painted in different colors.

christmas decoration ideas 4.1
Image: Pinterest

Canning ring snowman
Take your creativity to the next level by using a mason jar lids snowman, a perfect centerpiece for Christmas decorations. Tutorials.

christmas decoration ideas 5 1
Image: Pinterest

Twine Snowman

twine snowman decor
Photo Credit: Rebecca Moore (Facebook)

Wrap the twine around your hand 40x and tie. Make three such bundles for each row, then glued to a small dowel rod. Fluff it all over until you get snowman shape.

Add embellishments like the cute hat and scarf from Dollar Tree, creating a rustic and charming twine snowman decoration.

Cute Snowman Family Made From Wood

Try these adorable rustic snowmen family using 4×4 wood pieces, but you can use any size available to you, in fact, you can even use table legs. Here is the guide. Check out these wooden snowmen family.

christmas decoration ideas 6 1
Image: Pinterest

DIY rustic wooden snowmen family

christmas decoration ideas 7 1
Image: Pinterest

Table Leg Snowmen Family

Table legs or wooden spindles can be used to make snowmen family, you can use burlap to make their hat, red ribbon for scarf, and combination of small and large sewing buttons in front. Check out these cute wooden spindle snowmen.

christmas decoration ideas 8
Image: Pinterest

DIY Rustic Christmas Candlesticks

If you have some of those 4×4 wooden blocks left over from the above DIY project, use them to make these beautiful rustic candlesticks. Check out these rustic candlesticks.

christmas decoration ideas 9 2
Image: Pinterest

Easy to make gorgeous pine cone Christmas decorations which you can use as the table centerpiece or display it on the mantle.

DIY Wooden Reindeer Decorations
I’m sure these wooden reindeer would add more charm to your outdoor Christmas decorations. Tutorials

christmas decoration ideas 10 1
Image: Pinterest
christmas decoration ideas 11 1
Image: Pinterest

Meet Toasty the Snowman

This adorable snowman is simple to assemble. It requires 3 glass bowls from a craft store (small, medium and large), fake powdered snow, a snowman hat made from a planter. added some mini alcohol bottles as fillers.

christmas decoration ideas 12 1
Image: Pinterest
christmas decoration ideas 13 1
Image: Pinterest

Snowman made from yarn
As you might have seen in many yarn crafts, dipping yarn into glue water and wrapping it around a balloon to get that perfect round shape. Using the same technique make this cute snowman. Here is the tutorial.

christmas decoration ideas 14
Image: Pinterest

DIY Plastic Cups Santa
A fun way to get involved in your kids to the Christmas DIY projects with is easy craft. Tutorial

christmas decoration ideas 15 1

Hanger Christmas Wreath

christmas decoration ideas 16 1
ornaments wreath
Photo Credit: Nancy Roy (Facebook)

Deco Mesh Flower Wreath

Here is the tutorial for how to make a deco mesh flower wreath

christmas decoration ideas 18 1
Image: Pinterest

Mesh Curls Christmas Wreath
These wreaths are very easy to make using, cheap pipe cleaner, deco mash from dollar tree, and hobby lobby. Here are the tutorial and Youtube video. Check out this purple wreath.

christmas decoration ideas 19 1
Image: Pinterest

DIY Front Door Holiday Sign
A very inexpensive way to make a DIY holiday sign at home, check out these instructions to make a one for you.

Christmas lantern decorations
There is a lot of creative ways to decorate Christmas lanterns, shiny Christmas bulbs, pine cones, bow. Check out this video tutorial and try it yourself.

christmas decoration ideas 21
Image: Pinterest
christmas decoration ideas 22
Image: Pinterest
christmas decoration ideas 23
Image: Pinterest

DIY Rustic Wood Block Christmas Gifts Decor

christmas decoration ideas 25
Image: Pinterest

Giant silver bells Christmas decoration
Very easy to make giant silver bells from the planter, spray paint and few ribbons, try this craft.

christmas decoration ideas 26
Image: Pinterest

Rotational Christmas Ceiling Decoration

christmas decoration ideas 24

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