Amazing DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

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As the weather gets warmer, it is the perfect time to create a fairy garden for your outdoor and backyard. Allow your creative juice to flow to try these DIY fairy garden ideas.

Building a fairy garden house is a great way to spend some creative time with kids. The magical world of fairies is all about imagination, cute little houses surrounded by tiny furniture, tea cups, plants, and other fairy garden accessories.

Welcome to the world of miniature fairy garden, here you’ll find ideas to make container garden, broken pot fairy garden, gnome house, designing a landscape with moss, stones, pebbles, and sand.

Unleash your creativity with these DIY ideas to make doors, stepping stones, swings, ponds and fences using twigs, polymer clay, and cheap Dollar Store items.

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Image Credit: Lucy Montenegro (Facebook)

Well, before that have you ever wondered why our kids need a fairy garden?

We all want our kids to be imaginative and creative. Creating a fairy garden develops creative skills in our kids, it gives wings to their imagination.

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Image Credit: Lisa V Brown (Facebook)

The fantasy of the fairy garden inspires them to think out of the box and helps to develop their problem-solving skills.

These creative challenges help our kids in their real-life situations to take a creative approach towards their tasks, and it guides them in solving small problems of life and to take advantage of challenges to improve themselves.

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Image Credit: Fiona Pringle (Facebook)

Let’s take a closer look, what is a fairy garden?

A fairy garden is the miniature form of a garden which includes tiny houses, idols of fairy, animals, plants, and ponds. It’s all about detailing all these kinds of stuff.

The main idea behind the concept of the fairy garden is to create a whole world of imagination, so that not only kids but the elder once also fall in love with this tiny garden.

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Image Credit: Gretchen Rummler-Calcutta From Fairy Garden Home (Facebook)

Dinosaur theme Jurassic park fairy garden

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Image Credit: Megan Wilson (Facebook)

How to make a fairy garden?

First up, you have to decide on the scale of your fairy garden. Initially, start with a small area and then scale up to a large area, depending upon the actual area or free space of your house and surroundings.

Additionally, you also need to find a suitable theme for your fairy garden based on your personal preference.

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Image Credit: Fiona Pringle (Facebook)

Merriment fairy garden

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Image Credit: Allyson McClellan Sanders (Facebook)

Here’s the list of some of the popular themes for fairy garden:

  • Magical island
  • Beach and tropical sea
  • Broken pot fairy garden
  • Fairy garden in a container
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Camping
  • Holiday
  • Farm

DIY Fairy Garden Blueprint:

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive in!

In the creation of a DIY fairy garden, you have to cover three key areas:

  • Location
  • Making landscapes
  • Accessories
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Image Credit: Kerryl Gardner (Facebook)

Witch Fairy Garden

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Image Credit: Delia Richards (Facebook)

1. Location:

No matter where you decide to make your fairy garden, indoor or outdoor, you need to select a suitable space to create the entire structure. If you want to scale up the garden at some later stage, then leave some extra space for expansion.

Select a container of 10 – 12 inches or small pots of 4 – 5 inches.

Select plants based on the indoor or outdoor location of your garden, to get proper sunshine, shade, and water for plants.

2. Accessories:

Fairy garden accessories cover most of the small parts, like cottage/ house, table, chair, ladder, basket, mailbox, small fairies, pots, and butterflies. Additionally, all other decorative items used in the fairy house.

3. Make Landscapes:

The third step is to make landscape and pathways using pebbles, rocks, sand, and small stones of the fairy garden.

Next is to create water bodies like ponds, waterfalls, and beaches which fits according to your theme. Also, we need to create idols of gnome, fairy, bunny, and other animals. Plants are other important components of a fairy house that we address in this step.

DIY Crafts For Making Fairy Garden

There are many easily available household articles, which can be used to make different components of a fairy house. It’s fun, let’s begin!

House structure:

For making the house structure we can use twigs and wood pieces or cardboard, cut them in right size based on your structure, bind them together using glue. Oven bake clay can also be used to finish up the house structure.

DIY House and window
Image: Pinterest


For the fairy house, roof can be made using a piece of cardboard and twigs, paint some patterns over that to look like a roof. For the chimney, we can use a toothpaste box and cut them to form a chimney shape or a tower of the house.

DIY roof and door
Image: Pinterest


House windows can be made by using popsicle sticks or wood dowels, forming a window shape by applying some glue at the ends.


For making fairy door use wooden chipboard, which is easily available in a craft shop, cut in proper shape, and paint it. Doorknobs and handles can be made using beads and buttons.

Once you’re finished with the house, the other components like:

Pond: First up, you need a base for the pond, make a shallow wide hole in the ground, put some blue sand or blue marble to look like water, and use small stones or rocks to outline of the pond, and it’s ready now. One can also use a wide saucer or bowl to make the pond for a different look.

DIY pathway and pond
Image: Pinterest

DIY Ideas for fairy garden accessories

The trick here is to look at your surrounding and collect easily available things like shells of pistachio and walnut, empty nail paint bottles or even bottle caps.

All these things can be utilized to make some awesome crafts for fairy garden accessories.

For example, try these DIY ideas:

  • Using popsicle sticks to make benches and windows.
  • Using Marble, pebbles, stones, sand, seashells, and old buttons to make decorative.
  • Using twigs and string to make the ladder.
  • Using walnut and pistachio shells to make tortoise.
  • Using acorns and its caps to make accessories.
  • Using old teapots, cups, and spoons.
  • Using pine cones to make a Christmas tree by coloring it to add some glow.
  • Using hot glue to make a decorative design.
  • Using moss which looks like grass.
  • Using the piece of colorful fabric as decorative.
  • Using tree barks for the roof of the fairy house.
  • Using plywood decorate with beads.
  • Using empty nail paint bottles can be turned into a colorful craft.
DIY ideas for accessories
Fairy garden accessories

Plants of fairy house:

Plants are the vital parts of your fairy garden, Of course, they provided the green look and the colorful leaves and flowers go hand in hand with the theme of your fairy garden. Here’s the list of some of the best plants for your fairy garden:

  • Japanese stonecrop.Spikemoss
  • Lavender cotton
  • Asparagus fern
  • Succulent Terrarium
  • Sedum rubrotinctum
  • Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana
  • Coleus
  • Knawel cushion
Fairy garden plants e1515349466677
Plants for fairy garden

One final thought…. DIY fairy garden can be fun if you collect more items from your surroundings and put your creativity to work to get great results.

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