Family Movie Night Snack Board Ideas

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Make your summer weekends extra special with these gorgeous family movie night snack board. As today, I’m going to share the best sweet and salty party appetizers board ideas.

These days because of social distancing, we often stay at home and prefer watching movies with family during the weekends. So you need a charcuterie board that steals the show.

During the weekend everyone is in the party mood and I’m sure you also not want to spend most of your time over the stove. You want something quick and easy to prepare that too crowd-pleasing.

The whole idea is to create a party food platter using simple ingredients made with very little effort. Here you’ll get a variety of snack board ideas – summer cheese board, snack board for kids, and vegan snack board within your budget.

There is something for everyone with all your favorite finger foods to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

It’s not just for a weekend movie night, you can make it for any occasion – kids snack board for a birthday party, graduation party, game day, NBA finals, backyard BBQ, beach party, picnic, or for a simple family meal.

How to assemble an appealing snack board

The snack board should be visually appealing and easy to assemble at the same time. Follow these simple steps:

  • Take a large tray or wooden platter or board.
  • Set the small bowls of olives and nuts first, then followed by bowls of hummus.
  • Shape and pattern of arrangement
    • Arrange crackers, salami, cheese, and slices in a circular, line or wave pattern.
  • Arrange the food based on color combinations.
    • Green – grapes, kiwi fruit, green veggies, cucumber, and celery.
    • Orange or red – carrots, bell pepper, strawberry, red grapes, and apple.
  • Try to arrange the ingredients of the same types in a group.
    • Carrot, cucumber, and celery.
    • Grapes and berries.
  • Fill the gaps with bread, pretzels, popcorn and candy.

Charcuterie Board

Image Credit: Erika Duran (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Tiffany Edwards (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Jennifer Jarrett (Pinterest)

Summer Cheese Board

Image Credit: Hannah (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Katelin (Pinterest)

Kids Friendly Snack Board

Image Credit: Pinterest Girl (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Angela Murray (Pinterest)

Appetizer Board

Image Credit: Catheryn Dellsperger (Solon) (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Chris DeSantis (Pinterest)
Image Credit: J Weaver (Pinterest)

Party Snack Board

Image Credit: santina marras (Pinterest)
Image Credit: Andrea Smith (Pinterest)

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