23 Mouth-Watering Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

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The pumpkins can’t get off my head, as it’s Thanksgiving time!

Thanksgiving is incomplete without some yummy desserts, but to be honest, on Thanksgiving, the to-do list is quite long. So we want something quick and easy to make.


Though the turkey is the main hero at your Thanksgiving dinner table, followed by the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving desserts are not just limited to the pumpkin or apple pies, although I love pie. There is a lot more than you can think to try for desserts which are simple and easy to make.

Here is your dream list, as today I’ve come up with these mouth-watering super easy recipes for your Thanksgiving desserts.

Let’s head over to the list

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Pumpkin Pie Slice Cookies

This is one of the super-easy pumpkin pie slice cookies to bake and they turn out to be gorgeous orange, perfectly matching with the Fall theme. Check out this treat.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 61
Image Credit: Heather Weingarten (Pinterest)

Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies

I’m sure everyone will be asking you the recipe for this dessert and will be a major hit at your Thanksgiving dinner. Check out the recipe

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 1
Image Credit: @betsygragg (Pinterest)

Thanksgiving Oreo Turkey Cookie

Who don’t love Turkey candies! Try this super easy Oreo turkey cookies that includes all your favorite candy corns, peanut butter and chocolate.

Image Credit: Angela Wise (Pinterest)

Learn how to make it!

Mini Pumpkin Swirled Cheesecakes
The wonderful golden color of pumpkin swirl over the white cheesecake makes this dessert irresistible.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 3
Image: Pinterest

Easy Mini Cheesecakes
Try these mouth-watering mini cheesecakes with your favorite berries.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 5
Image: Pinterest

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls
A perfect fall dessert, soft and fluffy pumpkin cinnamon rolls with a sweet cream cheese icing.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 4
Image: Pinterest

Cranberry Orange Cake
A perfect treat for the holiday dinner, the cranberries are a great contrast to the sweetness of the cake.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 6
Image: Pinterest

Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats
Ditch the same boring pie with the pumpkin pie rice krispies treats, the wonder crunchy flavor of cereals.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 7
Image: Pinterest

Pioneer Woman’s Apple Dumplings
Try the delicious and healthy pioneer women’s apple dumplings, very easy to make.

Classic Apple Turnovers
Add this crispy treat of classic apple turnovers to your dessert list this holiday. It’s so simple, I’m sure you’ll love it.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 8
Image: Pinterest

Turkey Oreo balls

Turkey Oreo balls are the best kid-friendly treat to try this Thanksgiving and the colorful candy corn will surely entice your kids.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 9
Image Credit: Heather Crosby (Pinterest)

Learn the recipe

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Upside Down Apple Cake
Nothing can beat the flavor of the caramel sauce spread over the layer of apples.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 10
Image: Pinterest

Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie
A perfect chocolate chip delight for Thanksgiving with the classic flavor of buttery chocolate chips and the chopped walnuts melts in your mouth.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 11
Image: Pinterest

Apple Pie Bars
A super easy apple pie bars dessert is a perfect balance of buttery texture and sweetness. The nutty flavor of walnuts is just incredible.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 12
Image: Pinterest

Pecan Pie Cheesecake
The delicious spongy base and the sweet crunchy topping of pecan is just yummy.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 14
Image: Pinterest

Apple Pie Bites
A perfect last-minute dessert for thanksgiving dinner. Just roll apple slice with brown sugar, pecan and bake them, it’s that simple to try.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 13
Image: Pinterest

Oreo Turkey Cookie Treats

Another cool way to make that yummy Oreo turkey treats for thanksgiving. We use the candy corn and decorate Turkey.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 65
Image Credit: Terri Bingaman (Pinterest)

How to make these Oreo Turkeys

Pumpkin Bars With Ice Cream Frosting
These pumpkin bars are divine with the moist delicious fluffy pumpkin cake topped with the creamy frosting.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 15
Image: Pinterest

Turtle Pumpkin Cheesecake
Try this creamy pumpkin cheesecake combined with caramel chocolate and pecans over the top.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 16
Image: Pinterest

Harvest M&M’S Cookie Bars
Enjoy this easy festive cookie bar recipe combined with M&M’S and mini chocolate chips to feed a crowd.

easy thanksgiving desserts recipes 17
Image: Pinterest

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easy thanksgiving dessert recipes

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