23 Stunning Tree Stump Fairy House Ideas

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When you remove a dead tree from your yard, there always remains a large leftover stump.

However, it doesn’t do any harm. The problem is, it doesn’t look good and makes your garden ugly.

If you’re wondering what to do with the tree stump because removing a tree stump is expensive, especially when it is large.

I’ve got a better idea; with this one, you can transform your tree stump into a magical fairy house or gnome house.

In this post, I’ll also share some stunning tree stump fairy house ideas that will inspire you to repurpose the tree stump and improve your garden’s aesthetics.

Get ready to make your neighbors jealous!

tree stump fairy house ideas 1
Photo Credit: Suzie Nau (Etsy)

This beautiful tree stump house is decorated with a rustic blue fairy door. The door is covered with a stone pattern and moss. The fence enhances the look.

tree stump fairy house ideas 2
Photo Credit: June Mueller (Etsy)

The cracks on the stump makes it unique. The round shaped windows are made with resin and vinyl painted to give a whimsical look. Also, the cute swing made out of toy tire is perfect to invite fairy.

tree stump fairy house ideas 3
Photo Credit: Jaecie Montgomery (Etsy)

You can create a hollow space for flower bed on the tree stump by making a series of small cut with a chainsaw and clear the residue.

tree stump fairy house ideas 4
Photo Credit: Joe Schmid (Etsy)

With some reclaimed wood and acrylic paint, you can create beautiful fairy doors and windows.

tree stump fairy house ideas 5
Photo Credit: Danielle Doll (Etsy)

How to Make a Fairy Garden out of a Tree Stump?

This is going to be a fun and easy project to create a DIY tree stump fairy house. You don’t need to be a woodworker to carve the wood or use heavy cutting tools that jeopardize your safety.

tree stump fairy house ideas 6
Photo Credit: brittanykrause2 (Etsy)

First, thoroughly examine the tree stump to identify any rotten parts or pest infection before starting any project.

It is crucial to have a sturdy structure; else it can ruin the whole project. There is no point in restoring a tree stump if it is mostly rotten or infected.

If there are any small patches of decay or infection, remove or treat them. Also remove any weaker parts before starting the project.

Installing Doors and Windows:
Now comes the fun part: decorate the tree stump fairy house with a fairy door and windows.

While decorating the fairy house, choose natural elements that easily blend with your garden’s surroundings.

Use wood slices for stepping stones, twigs to give a raw and rustic look and moss on the tree surroundings and roof, as well as tiny plants and succulents.

You can make windows from twigs and popsicles sticks. On Etsy, you can find a variety of fairy windows and doors.

diy tree stump fairy house window
Photo Credit: Lisa Lorhan (Etsy)

Based on the theme of your fairy house, you can choose the design of your fairy door. The best type of fairy doors are castle door designs.

You can make fairy doors from scrap wood or if you’re looking for unique designs, check out Etsy.

diy tree stump fairy house door
Photo Credit: Eileen Gunning (Etsy)

Put some moss near the door and add cute flower beds, tiny plants and succulents. Install a shepherd’s hook and lantern in front of the house; you can get them from Dollar Tree.

Other Accessories:
Once you have built the fairy house, the next thing is to make it attractive for fairies to come.

Based on your imagination, you can come up with many accessories, like creating a staircase near the entrance. Get inspired by these miniature accessories:

  • Miniature furniture for the fairy garden – table, chair, and benches
  • Tiny mushrooms and toadstools
  • Imagine fairies singing and dancing around a pond or a bubbling river, try to create one.
  • Fairies love swing, so install a nice swing near the pond.
  • Install tiny fences around the tree stump and add a welcome sign

Miniature chair and table for fairies

tree stump fairy house furniture
Photo Credit: Paige (Etsy)

Tree Stump Fairy house with a pond

tree stump fairy house pond
Photo Credit: Patti (Etsy)

While selecting plants for your stump house, look for miniature plants with colorful leaves. Especially plants like fern, golden club moss, baby tears, polka dot plants, jade and nerve plants.

tree stump fairy house plants
Photo Credit: Kelley Brown (Etsy)

Creating a Pathway for the Fairy House:
You can use colorful stones, sea glass and pebbles from Dollar Tree to make the pathway. Additionally, you can also use wood slices to make stepping stones.

If you want to make it look cool at night, you can add fairy lights or solar lights to your tree stump. Give the final touch to your miniature garden by incorporating fairy figurines, gnomes and tiny animals.

tree stump fairy house pathway
Photo Credit: Kylie Jo Hirschy (Etsy)
tree stump fairy house ideas 11
Photo Credit: Janie Jones (Etsy)
tree stump fairy house ideas 9
Photo Credit: Nancy Brelsford (Etsy)
tree stump fairy house ideas 10
Photo Credit: Harold Logan (Etsy)

How do you build a gnome house from a stump?

What makes the gnome house unique is its roof design. To build a gnome house stump, first you need to cut the top part of the tree stump from two sides to create a gable shape.

Take two pieces of plywood or scrap wood and create a roof. You can layer the pieces of cedar planks on the roof to give it the classic gnome house look. You can further add a chimney above the roof.

tree stump gnome house ladder
Photo Credit: Stephanie Sobek (Etsy)

Mostly the gnome house has large rustic doors and windows; you can find them on Etsy. Add some moss around the door and windows.

tree stump gnome house 2
Photo Credit: Irene Shao (Etsy)

Also consider adding a ladder to the window of the gnome house; this gives a unique look to the whole structure.

Try to add few mushrooms and toadstools around the gnome house. Gnomes love flower beds, use miniature plants with flowers to decorate near the main door of the gnome house.

tree stump fairy house ideas 7
Photo Credit: Erica (Etsy)

Additionally, you can add a pond or a bubbling river near the gnome house. Don’t forget to add cute gnome figurines around the house.

tree stump gnome house 1
Photo Credit: Carol Schumacher (Pinterest)
tree stump fairy house ideas 14
Photo Credit: Ebony Bulstrode (Facebook)
tree stump fairy house ideas 12
Photo Credit: Amy Kohler (Etsy)
tree stump fairy house ideas 13
Photo Credit: dogonlynose01 (Etsy)

Final Word

Constructing a tree stump fairy house not only brings your childhood dreams to life but also serves as a charming focal point for your neighborhood.

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